Today’s Irish Pub Song Of The Day is MacPherson’s Lament, also known as MacPherson’s Rant. It’s a great song and I wanted to give you a song to work on that doesn’t end on the G chord. Don’t think of it has difficult or hard, it’s just different. Try it out and have fun. I will have the simple melody up on Wednesday, but see if you can figure it out on your own.

MacPherson’s Lament MP3 [Download]

MacPherson’s Lament(PDF)

MacPherson’s Lament

[G]Farewell ye dungeons [D7]dark and strong

Fare[G]well, farewell to [C]thee

Mc[G]Pherson’s life will [D7]no be long

On [G]yonder [C]gallows [D7]tree


Sae [G]rantingly, sae [D7]wantingly and sae [G]dauntingly gaed [C]he

He [G]played a tune and he [D7]danced around [G]below the [C]gallows [D7]tree

Take off these bands from off my hands
And give to me a sword
For there’s not a man in all Scotland
But I’d brave him at his word

There’s some come here for to see me hung
And some to buy my fiddle
But before that I do part with her
I’ll break her through the middle

He took his fiddle in both of his hands
And he broke it o’er a stone
Saying ‘There’s nae ither hand shall play on thee
When I am dead and gone’

The reprieve was coming o’er the Brigg of Banff
For to set McPherson free
But they put the clock a quarter before
And they hanged him from a tree