Monthly archives: July, 2010

…That’s Where You’ll Find Me…

I know that I’ve been a bad poster of videos for the last month or so, but I am exhausted! Since I’ve gotten back from Henry Reed, I’ve been working 10 and 12 hour days and weekends. I am hoping that after work this Saturday everything will get back to normal. I’m glad I’m working…

Gypsy Rover and Old Plank Road Simple Melody on Frailing Banjo

It only took a week, but YouTube let me finally upload the melody for last week’s Irish Pub Song Of The Day and Folk Song Of The Week. I have also uploaded some small snippets of tablature to help you figure out the melody on these songs. I hope you enjoy. As a thank you…

15% Off on Irish Pub Songs For The 5-String Banjo Volume 1

As a thank you for making the book a big success,  for a limited time you can receive a 15% discount on Irish Pub Songs For The 5-String Banjo Volume 1. Just click on the link and put in the coupon code: BEACHREAD305 and you will receive a 15% discount through                

July Chicagoland Jam was Jim Farley’s 50th Birthday

This month’s Chicagoland Jam was also Jim Farley’s 50th birthday party.  We had a great jam and the whole crowd was singing along on the choruses. I’ll send out the info about the next Jam Session soon.

Folk Song Of The Week – Old Plank Road on Frailing Banjo

UPDATE: YouTube has finally allowed me to post! Yeah!!!!! UPDATE:   YouTube has done something crazy and I can’t fix it from work, so be patient for a few hours and I’ll get the video fixed. This week’s Folk Song Of The Week is Old Plank Road. It only has two chords and it’s a great…

Folk Song Of The Week Delayed By 12 Hours

Usually I do one take of my videos and leave it warts and all, but this time the audio was missing so I have to do it again. I’m too tired tonight so I’ll do it in the morning before work. See you all then, Kelly

Irish Pub Song Of The Day – The Gypsy Rover on Frailing Banjo

Today’s Irish Pub Song Of The Day is The Gypsy Rover or The Whistling Gypsy Rover. It’s a wonderful song and the same story is told in folk songs around the world. Have fun and remember to play, love, learn, do, repeat, repeat, repeat! The Gypsy Rover MP3 [Download] The Gypsy Rover(PDF) THE GYPSY ROVER…

Lazy Saturday

I have a lot to do, but since I actually got a Saturday off, I spent it the best way I know how….letting Omega sleep on my lap all day.  It’s been 10 hours and he keeps coming back and falling asleep. What can I say, life is good.