There is nothing like a little emotional blackmail to make something even sweeter 🙂
Joel Simpson was unlucky enough to miss a gig two weeks ago, so I used my “I owe you one” card to get him to accompany me on this song.

I hope you like it and you play along.

The Liar Accompaniment MP3 [Download]

The Liar (PDF)


Singin’ [G]right-fol-toor-a-laddie-toor-a-[D7]lee

There is no one who can tell a lie like [G]me

You can [C]search until you’re tired,

you won’t [G]find a bigger [Em]liar

I’ve been [D7]lyin’ since the dawn of histo[G]ry

Now I was born about ten thousand years ago
In Ballmullet in the county of Mayo
It was me that chased the vermin while St. Patrick preached a sermon
And I’ll whoop the man who says it isn’t so (chorus)

I saw Eve go pickin’ apples of a tree
She came over and she offered one to me
Well I turned and said “ Damn Madam, you can try your luck with Adam.”
“I’m going home to have some fish and chips and tea.”

Now I saw Delilah cuttin’ Samson’s hair
She snipped away until his head was bare
When he couldn’t run away, she married him next day
And they opened up a barbershop in Claire (chorus)

Now when Cromwell came to Ireland long ago
He didn’t shed a drop of blood, you know
All the people started grievin’ when they heard that he was leavin’
If I knew a bigger lie, I’d tell ya so (chorus)

It was during World War II I met them all
There was Roosevelt, Churchill, and De Gaul
Then one day I nearly fainted, I was havin’ my house painted
There was Hitler hangin’ paper in my hall (chorus x 2)