The Colonel is BACK!!

The Colonel stopped by to help me out with The Ballad of William Bloat. Remember to play along and have fun!

Maybe next week we can get Joel Simpson to join us.

William Bloat MP3 [Download]

William Bloat (PDF)

The Ballad Of William Bloat

In a [D]mean abode on the Shankill [G]Road

Lived a [D]man named [A]William [D]Bloat;

He [G]had a wife, the [D]bane of his life,

Who always [Bm]”got his [A]goat.”

So one [D]day at dawn, with her nightdress [G]on—

He [D]slit her [A]bloody [D]throat.

And yet—he was glad that he’d done what he had,
When she lay there stiff and still;
‘Til suddenly awe of the angry law
Struck his soul with an aweful chill.
So, to finish the fun so well begun,
He decided himself to kill.

He took the sheet off his wife’s cold feet,
And twisted it into a rope,
And he hanged himself from the pantry shelf—
T’was an easy end, let’s hope —
In the face of death, with his latest breath,
He solemnly cursed the Pope!

But the strangest turn to the whole concern
Is only just beginnin’! —
He went to Hell, but his wife got well,
And she’s still alive and sinnin’ —
For the razor blade was British made,
But the rope was Belfast linen!