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Folk Song Of The Week – Long Black Veil on Frailing Banjo

This time the Folk Song Of The Week is Long Back Veil. Grab your banjo and frail along!

It’s a great song and I love to play it!

Long Black Veil MP3 [Download]

Long Black Veil (PDF)

Long Black Veil

[G]Ten years ago on a cold dark night

there was [D7]someone killed ‘neath the [C]town hall [G]light

There were few at the scene but they all agreed

that the [D7]man who ran, looked a [C]lot like [G]me

The judge said son what is your alibi
if you were somewhere else than you don’t have to die.
I spoke not a word, though it meant my life
for I’d been in the arms of my best friends wife


She [C]walks the [G]hills in a [C]long black [G]veil

she [C]visits my [G]grave when the [C]night winds [G]wail

nobody knows, [C]nobody [G]sees

[C]nobody [D7]knows but [G]me.

The scaffold was high and eternity near
she stood in the crowd and shed not a tear
But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans
In a long black veil, she cries o’er my bones

Irish Pub Song Of The Day – One For The Morning Glory on Frailing Banjo

One For The Morning Glory is a great song and believe it or not, it’s not very difficultl at all on frailing banjo.

Grab your instrument and play along, it’s time for the Irish Pub Song Of The Day!

One For The Morning Glory MP3 [Download]

One For The Morning Glory (PDF)


At the [G]end of the day, I like a little drink

to [D7]raise up me voice and [G]sing

And an [C]hour or two with a [G]fine, brown brew

and I’m [A]ready for [D7]anything

At the [G]Cross Keys Inn there were sisters four,

the [D7]landlord’s daughters [G]fair

And [C]every night when they’d [G]turn out the light

I would [A7]tiptoe up the [D]stair …singin’


[G]One for the morning [C]glo[G]ry, [D7]two for the early [G]dew

[C]Three for the [G]man who will [C]stand his [G]round

And [C]four for the [D7]love of [G]you, me [Em]girl,

[C]Four for the [D7]love of [G]you

I got the call from a foreign shore to go and fight the foe
And I thought no more of the sisters four, but still I was sad to go
I sailed away on a ship, the Morning Glory was her name
And we’d all fall down when the rum went ’round, then get up and start again

I bore once more for my native shore, farewell to the raging seas
And the Cross Keys Inn, it was beckonin’, and me heart was filled with glee
For there on the shore were the sisters four with a bundle upon each knee
There were three little girls and a bouncing boy, and they all looked
just like me…

Chicagoland Acoustic Jam – April 2011: Watch It Here!

The Chicagoland Acoustic Jam will be broadcasting live starting at 6 PM Central Time today. You will be able to join along here at

I will be using the songs from the last two months. Play along and have fun!

Watch live streaming video from irishbanjo at

Chicagoland Acoustic Jam – This Saturday

It’s been a busy month and I haven’t given much warning, but this Saturday is the Chicagoland Acoustic Jam. Once again we will be livestreaming the event starting at 6 pm. I am not sure how long we will broadcast, but I expect it will be like February as we have the heavy hitters coming this month.

For the time being the song list will be the same as last month, but if there are changes, I’ll post them as we get closer.

I hope to “see” you all then,


Folk Song Of The Week – Katy Daley on Frailing Banjo

The Folk Song Of The Week this time around is the great Katy Daley! I love playing this song and I actually joined a huge chorus of musicians at the Katy Daley Pub in Ireland. I loved hearing frailing banjo along with tin whistles, pipes in mandolin; it was great.

Grab your instrument and have fun!

Katy Daley [Download]

Katy Daley(PDF)

Katy Daley

Come [G]down the mountain Katy Daley, come down the mountain Katy [D7]do

Can’t you hear us calling, Katy Daley. We want to drink your Irish Mountain [G]Dew

With her old man she came from Tipperary in pioneer days of ‘42
Her old man was shot in Tombstone City for the making of Irish Mountain Dew

Wake up and pay attention Katy Daley, I am the judge that’s gonna sentence you
All the boys at court has drunk the whiskey and tell the truth, I drink a little too

So to the jail they took poor Katy Daley & very soon the gates were opened wide
Angels came to court Katy Daley took her across the Great Divide

Irish Pub Song Of The Day – Botany Bay on Frailing Banjo

I love this song and everytime I do it, I think of when I lived in Michigan and performed with Rick McMurray and the gang.

Botany Bay is fun to do and not too difficult at all. Just use the frailing banjo strum and a couple of single string strikes mixed in and you have it. The left hand technique is easy as well, there is a pull-off on the C chord and everything else is straight forward.

Botany Bay MP3 [Download]

Botany Bay (PDF)


[G]Farewell to your bricks and [Em]mortar,

[C]Farewell to your dirty [G]lies.

Farewell to your gangways and your [Em]gang planks,

And to [A]hell with your over[D]time.

For the [G]good ship Raga[Em]muffin is [C]lying at the [G]Quay,

For to [Em]take poor Pat with a shovel on his back

To the [B7]shores of Botany [Em]Bay.

Well I’m on my way down to the quay where the ship at anchor lays
To command a gang of navys that I was told to engage
I stopped in for to drink awhile before I go away.
For to take a trip on an emigrant ship to the shores of Botany Bay.

Well the boss came up this morning, and he said “Well now Pat you know
If you didn’t get those navvys out I’m afraid you’ll have to go”
So I asked him for my wages and demanded all my pay
And I told him straight, I’m gonna emigrate to the shores of Botany Bay.

And when I reach Australia I’ll go and search for gold.
There’s plenty there for a’digging, or so I have been told.
Or else I’ll go back to my trade and a hundred bricks I’ll lay
Because I live for an eight hour shift on the shores of Botany Bay.

Folk Songs For The 5-String Banjo Vol 1 – Ready to Ship From

Folk Songs For The 5-String Banjo Volume 1 is now ready for shipping at

I should have one in my hands soon and will sell some straight from me. I will post updates as they happen.

Until then, you can check it out below.


Folk Song Of The Week – Well May The World Go on Frailing Banjo

I had to do Well May The World Go for the Folk Song Of The Week. It’s one of my friend Bill’s favorite songs and Tim in Korea just did a great workshop on guitar for it.

Grab your banjo and play along! It’s a great song!

Well May The World Go MP3 [Download]

Well May The World Go (PDF)


[G]Well may the [C]world go,

The [G]world go, the world [D7]go,

[G]Well may the [C]world go,

[G]When I’m [D7]far [G]away.

Well may the skiers turn,
The swimmers churn, the lovers burn
Peace, may the generals learn
When I’m far away.

Sweet may the fiddle sound
The banjo play the old hoe down
Dancers swing round and round
When I’m far away.

Fresh may the breezes blow
Clear may the streams flow
Blue above, green below
When I’m far away.

Irish Pub Song Of The Day – Peggy Gordon on Frailing Banjo

This is a very, very fun song. Unfortunately, I’ve only done it twice in the last 15 years and both times for videos. I really have to put this back in regular rotation.

It’s fun to play and not that difficult. Just keep the frailing strum going and hit some single strings and you’ve got it.

Peggy Gordon MP3 [Download]

Peggy Gordon (PDF)


Oh[G] Peggy Gordon you[C] are my[G] dar[D7]ling,
[C]Come sit you[G] down upon my[D7] knee,
[C]Come tell to[G] me the[C] very[G] reas[D7]on,
[C]Why I am[G] slighted[D7],so by[G] thee,

I wish I was in some lonesome valley,
Where woman kind cannot be found,
Where the pretty small birds, do change their voices,
And every moment a different sound.

I’m so in love that I can’t deny it,
My heart lies smothered in my breast,
But it’s not for you to that the world should know it,
A troubled mind can know no rest.

I did put my head to a cask of brandy,
It was my fancy I do declare,
For when I’m drinking I am always thinking,
And wishing Peggy Gordon was here.
[Repeat first verse]

Folk Song Of The Week – Gone on Frailing Banjo

This is a blast from the past for me. This is a song that we did years ago on our album “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”. It’s a very, very easy song to do on frailing banjo, but the whole time I was recording it, all I could hear in my head was the Colonel’s bouzouki.

Grab your banjo and play along to a great, great song: Gone!

Gone MP3 [Download]

Gone (PDF)


[G]Gone like my [C]last pay[G]check gone gone [D7]away

[G]Gone like the [C]car I [G]wrecked gone [D7]gone [G]away

[G]Gone like a [C]fifth of [G]gin gone gone [D7]away

[G]Gone like the [C]shape I’m [G]in gone [D7]gone [G]away

[C]My [Em]baby’s [Am]gone [G]away

Gone like a Nixon file gone gone away
Gone like my LANDLORD’S smile gone gone away
Gone like the furniture gone gone away
Gone like the rest of her gone gone away
My baby’s gone away

[C]GONE like the silhouette there [G]by the bed where she undressed

[D]GONE like the candlelight where [G]we made love so sweet and bright

[C]GONE like the one last turn she [G]took before Atlanta burned

[D]GONE like everything I EARNED [G]gone [D7]gone [G]away

Gone like my last paycheck gone gone away
Gone like the car I wrecked gone gone away
Gone like a fifth of gin gone gone away
Gone like the shape I’m in gone gone away
My baby’s gone away