I got up at 7 am this morning and went off to work thinking it would be a good day. I got a message that an old clip of me playing banjo on A&E back in ’96 was seen again. I had forgotten all about it. I was playing with the Shamrock Shore at John Cowley’s & Sons in Farmington, MI. It was funny to see me playing the up-picking style of Pete Seeger on TV! I had played that way for years because that was what I had learned from Pete Seeger’s book and that was the way Tommy Makem played. The song was Whistling Gypsy Rover and you can hear me picking out the melody, but man was it very, very light. It just doesn’t have the hit that frailing or clawhammer banjo has (which ever you call it, I don’t care). So I’m glad that I switched.

I had a heck of a day at work and nothing seemed to go right. 14 hours later, I got home and saw that people are just crazy!!!

Over the last few months I have referred people to a banjo forum to get information and ideas. I had become friends with a few people there and thought that things were good. I had been treated well, got answers to questions in a very friendly and straight forward manner and thought that things were good.

I get home and find that there are some people that are just plain crazy! I have never seen so much negativity in my life about something as simple and pleasing as a freakin’ banjo. I don’t care a wit if you strum the banjo with your left foot and chord it with your elbow. If it makes music and makes you happy, go for it!!

I don’t get all of the negativity and why you would want to attack a style of playing that people around the world enjoy. I can only think that they want to alienate a large portion of their audience.

I won’t waste anymore time thinking about it, but if any of you that I steered that way feel like they were treated badly, I apologize.

I don’t think I’ll ever mention this again, but man this really was not the way to come home!

See you tomorrow!!