Finally!! The laptop is back and better than ever and I’ll be back on Monday! It’s been very, very frustrating trying to use my phone to do all of my work, but I finally got the parts, got the soldering gun and got ‘er done!

There are a lot of really exciting things going on and because of it, I’ve had to sit down and do something that I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I wrote two songs for a new project and I had a blast doing it. The next step is getting them recorded. For that, I am going to have to sit down with Joel and map out the arrangements.  The one thing that I have been blessed with the last 15 years is being around people who can take my ideas and arrange them musically to pull out my thoughts and make them real. This time though, it’s not just for the band that the music has to sound good, but for a third-party that has contracted us for use in a very exciting new project….

One of the best descriptions of having good people around me was when I went to Joel with an idea that was a one time joke in Philly when Another Pint was touring . We melded When Doves Cry with Freebird when a bachelorette party came in and asked for Prince and a group of drunk college guys yelled out “Freebird”. It was a joke song that got a huge reaction live but I wasn’t sure how to pull it off and make it sound good in a recording. I handed it to Joel with a couple of notes and he came up with

When Freebirds Cry [Download]
. I have to say that I still laugh out loud when I hear Angel singing all of the harmonies like Prince did with When Doves Cry. Listen to them one after that other and realize that Joel used all acoustic instruments to pull of a funky song!  It was just one of Joel’s masterpieces on that album. The other was
Canyon Moonrise [Download]
. The Colonel liked to play it live and it was always fun, but I asked Joel if he could make it sound like it would fit into Braveheart after the battle. I think he did it.

This time I have three songs that I want Joel to help me make magic with, two songs and one that is so off the wall that it has to sound good. After that, the rest of the songs that I want to do, should be easy!

Stay tuned and there will be updates on this project soon and I’ll be back to making videos on Monday.