I had a great show last night with Joel Simpson.  I love the combination of guitar and banjo!  I especially love it when I am playing the banjo all night and don’t have to play guitar.

We were at a great neighborhood pub called An Seanachi in Blue Island, IL.  It’s a great place and if you are ever in the area stop by for a pint. The pub is located at 2825 W. 127th Street, Blue Island, IL.

The weekend started out fantastic as Joel and I had so much fun. The only downside is that my laptop died on me.  The upshot of that unfortunate development is that I can’t process any videos until I am able to get the parts to fix it.

I had planned to try to get the parts this morning,  but instead of getting a couple of hours of sleep, I ended up in downtown Chicago with Sandy at the Color Run.  Oh well,  no rest for the wicked or the hungover!

I’ll be in touch!