Historic Methodist Campground August 11, 2012

Joel and I were very happy to be back at The Historic Methodist Campground on Saturday. We always have a fun time there and everyone is very, very nice and enjoy the music.

Sandy was kind enough to come with us and videotape the performance. Here are some clips and I hope you enjoy.

Posted by Kelly Griner   @   13 August 2012
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Aug 15, 2012
12:33 pm
#1 Mark :

Hi Kelly,
Darn! Watching these videos makes me want to pull out my old song books and dust off my long neck, then find a place that will tolerate my singin’! I have to admit that you are being more of an inspiration to try to wet my feet in performing at other places other than the usual TWO contests I visit. Even worse, for me anyway, is between your fantastic instructionals and some of the sound clips and videos (good and bad) posted on BanjoHangout and YouTube, I feel like I should just take the plunge and post some of my own. Just need a very good reason to.
Anyhow didn’t mean to vent there a moment, but sometimes I just express my thoughts.
So, I know this probably isn’t the place for requests, but have you ever done “Gypsy Rover” or “Gypsy Davy” for a Folk Song of the Week? I always wondered how others would approach either song in clawhammer/frailing style.
Here’s Health and Happiness to you and your family and friends.

Mark (TopoG on BanjoHangout)

Author Aug 15, 2012
1:42 pm


I’ve done Gypsy Rover before, but it might be time to give it the three camera treatment.

As for going out and playing …just do it. It’s fun and doesn’t hurt. :-)

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