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Site Update and new videos!


r2 dalek

It has been a long, long, long time since I have added any new videos or update the webpage. Well step one is done and I am working on where to go with the videos. I have an idea that I think will help beginners in finding the melody notes in folk songs and starting next week, we’ll see if it works.

To be honest, I have been having so much fun with my family, that the drive to teach and share just got overwhelmed. I have been telling everyone that has asked that I’ll be back soon and noticed that it’s been years and I am still saying soon. Now that Sandy has started asking me, I’ll just have to get off the couch and get it done.

I’ll be posting some new videos soon and I appreciate everyone who has inquired about me continuing the series.

I’ll see you all soon.



When The Girls Are Away


Sandy and Amber took off to visit Disney and left me home alone. I had planned some banjo playing and debauchery, but I’m not feeling well.

What’s a guy to do? I guess that I’ll buy a new hat and see if they notice!

I should be back to making videos soon.

See you all soon


American Dream and other things….

Well folks, I was so excited to see that Dusty Rhodes was going to be on Monday Night RAW that I had to put up a quick video of the title track from Another Pint’s album, American Dream on youtube.

I wrote that song years ago in about 5 minutes. I was surprised that so many people realized that the entire song is just some snippets from Dusty’s most memorable promos. We had fun recording it and it brought back so many memories of the son of a plumber.

You can find the album at

I should be back very, very soon. I have been busier than I ever have in my life and that’s a good thing. I jumped back into management after 10 years of just concentrating on music and I’m having fun. The teaching has been taking up a lot of time and I am cutting back starting this weekend so I should be able to schedule time for videos again.

Later this month, my friend Dr. Scott has arranged a weekend music/camping/festival/beer fest and I am hoping to have some audio and video from that as well.

When I get back to the videos, there is a small format change and some exciting plans for the future.

I’ll see you all very, very soon.


Shanahan’s Irish Pub on 6/30/13

Joel and I had a great time at Shanahan’s Irish Pub in Downers Grove on Sunday. We were joined by Joe on bass a had a great crowd!

Birthday Time


19 years ago, my little buddy, Omega was born. He’s been with me through thick and thin.

He doesn’t move as fast as he used to and sleeps even more, but he still makes his way to my lap every evening.

I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s my sweet boy so I make sure that every year I celebrate his birthday.

Oh, yeah….it’s Sandy’s birthday too. 🙂

Make’m Sing At Shanahan’s Irish Pub 4/24/13

Dr. Scott joined Joel and I this past Wednesday. It was a fun time and I love when Dr. Scott joins us.

See you all real soon!

Make’m Sing 4/10/13

Here is the feed from the livestream of last weeks Make’m Sing show with myself and Joel Simpson. We have been having fun on Wednesday nights. If you are close by, stop in and see us sometime.

NYC and Next Week








Well folks, it’s been way, way, way too long. I finished up the last of the students that I have been helping out with and I am hoping that my weekends will be a little more free and open.

It’s been a fun, but very, very busy last five months. It everything goes according to plan, I should be able to plan some videos this weekend. So if it all goes well, the Irish Pub Song Of The Day and Folk Song Of The Week will be back this coming week.

Joel and I have formed a duo/trio called Make’m Sing and we have been performing every Wednesday night for months. It takes up a lot of my free time, but we have been having a blast. Last week we were able to live stream the feed and I am hoping that tonight’s goes without a hitch as well. Once it’s up, I’ll probably do a quick edit and put it up on YouTube again. I may just do this every week and see how it goes.

The folks at Shanahan’s have been great and I’ve really enjoyed being there every week. Let’s hope that it continues for the foreseeable future.

This last weekend, Amber, Sandy and I headed off to NYC. We had a great time sightseeing and taking in the city. While we were there, I was able to make it to the WWE Hall Of Fame and WrestleMania 29. We had a blast!

I never thought that I would be able to see Bruno Sammartino sell out Madison Square Garden in person. He sold out the Garden over 180 times. That is just an incredible amount of times that one person was able to fill every seat in the Garden. I always loved Bruno and when it was announced that he would finally accept an invitation into the Hall Of Fame, I had to be there. It didn’t hurt that one of my all time favorites, Mick Foley was going into the Hall Of Fame as well. I’ve met Mick a few times and he is one hell of a nice guy. He even gave my band, Another Pint a plug years ago calling us “Chicago’s best Irish Band”. I use it to this day.

Let’s see how things go and if all works according to plan, I’ll see you all on Monday!

Livestreaming Second Try!

Finally,  Joel and I got the settings on the audio to be passable!

We’ll keep doing this every week and it should get better every time.

Livestreaming tonight

We will be livestreaming tonight in just a few minutes.

Sorry folks, we had technical difficulties that we figured out 2 minutes after the show was over. That’s just the way it goes. We’ll do it all again next week.

See you all then!